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Your 5 steps to success with 411Brand

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Get an awesome logo
and a memorable slogan
now for just $199!*

* pay only after you are satisfied with our work!

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Your 5 steps to success

Step One: The idea for business

So, you’ve done the most important part of the job - you have a brilliant business idea! Congratulations! You’re halfway there already!

Step Two: Investment and roots building

This step is all about investing both time and money into building your business from the ground and keep it growing. At this point you may not yet have a clear idea what your company vision might be - what your company logo would look like, whether you’d have a slogan, etc.

Step Three: Getting an identity

Sure enough, the way your company is perceived by the rest of the world is of great importance. That’s why having a memorable logo that speaks clearly of what your business is about and what your goals and values are is of crucial importance.

This is where we come to play. We can help you build a memorable brand that people will like and recognize - just like the most popular companies you already know.

If your company already has a logo, then good job! You may proceed to Step Four.

Step Four: Improving

Whether you already have a logo or you count on us to design one for you, you know you want it to be perfect (we strive for that too!). It can always be better, right? Many of the biggest companies in the world have redesigned their logo numerous times. It’s totally OK if you feel you need to do it too!

That being said, we’ll work on your current logo or on the initial version of the brand new one, we’ve provided you with, until we’ve reached total excellence and it suits your business perfectly.

Step Five: Standing above the crowd and profit!

Having the perfect logo created exclusively for you, you’ll undoubtedly stand out from the crowd. People will notice you. People will remember you. They’ll recommend you to their friends.

All of this can only mean one thing to you: your business will grow! You’ll have more and better customers.Your brand will become more popular. Meaning: you’re bound to be happier with your business!

Growing your business depends on you!
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