Branding Report: Creative Ideas
Las Vegas Cash Flow Properties

 1. Information about the customer:

 Julian Rizov
Company Name: Las Vegas Cash Flow Properties
Business Type: Las Vegas Cashflow Properties provides Turn-key real estate investment properties that generate positive cash flow, and create tax benefits.
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Target Area: Las Vegas, NV
In Business Since: 2004
Speciality: Cash flow property investment
Payment Method: N/A
Clients: Business owners or investors who want to have a passive income stream through Real Estate.

2. Information about the competition:

There are no direct competitors in the area. The main advantage of the other similar businesses is that they make a lot of marketing. – This is not a direct competitor, but the client likes the website design very much. He likes its colors and structure. The images used in the website are of high quality and this makes a very good impression to the visitors. They make the webpage look more vivid. – This is not a direct competitor, too. The client likes the content. The website is well structured. There are many “call-to-action” buttons which are very important for such kind of business.

3. Our Vision:


The brand name includes the area of service – Las Vegas, and the main type of business – cash-flow properties. The very brand name is self-speaking. When someone hears about it, he/she understands what and where the company is doing.

3.2. LOGOS

We have created five logos. We have incorporated the brand name in each one of them. Below, we’ve shown different color variations of each logo, as well as a sneak peak on how we would utilize it if we were to design a business card for you.

3.2.1. Logo 1

This logo represents a key holder – the one that holds the keys to success. In other words – Las Vegas Cash Flow Properties holds the keys to success. Additionally, it is a leather key holder, which contributes to the luxury vision the company strives to maintain.

3.2.2. Logo 2

Here we have represented the company as one that opens doors, literally. This may be both the open door to your new home and the one that leads you to a great source of passive income.

3.2.3. Logo 3

In order to evoke a feeling of stability and trust in your prospects, we’ve designed a logo that looks like a wax seal – the same one a king would use to sign and seal important papers. It comes in two variations – beige and blue.

3.2.4. Logo 4

The blue ribbon symbolizes something of high quality, hence our decision to incorporate it in your logo. It implies luxury and success and the combination of royal blue and gold suits that image perfectly.

3.2.5. Logo 5

This is an alternative interpretation of the blue ribbon theme, with just the initials LV incorporated in the logo itself.



At the moment the company doesn’t have a slogan. We have put together several ideas.

The golden opportunity for a wealthier you.

In this slogan we have used the word “golden”. It is connected to luxury and expensive things. Such is the type of business of the company. Investing in properties can make you wealthier.

Invest smart.

Investing is very delicate subject. Not everyone is taking the right decisions when investing in property. Las Vegas Cash Flow Properties will help its clients to make the right choise when doing such step.

We care for your investment.

Not every company is taking care of its clients. Las Vegas Cash Flow Properties is not like that. They take care for every customer and every investment he or she makes.